Stranger Lover Dreamer is a radical modern-dance-theater collective based out of Oakland, CA. 


After years of creating work as individual choreographers but utilizing each other as collaborators, we bonded together as Stranger Lover Dreamer in 2013. This shift to becoming a group felt like a natural progression for us; we are a collective of artists coming together for each unique project under the direction of Andrew Merrell,  Elizebeth Randall Rains and Shaunna Vella,. We have no set of rules or roles to adhere to, so for each exciting new dance/project/season we start all over and find new ways to collaborate. 


Stranger Lover Dreamer presents 3,4,5,6,1

Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110 March 16 & 17 at 8 pm and March 18 at 6pm

General Admission $20, Student and Seniors $15, tickets at:**